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1997 - 2015 Keyless Entry Universal Car Remote PRO Version - X32-MECJ

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1997 - 2015 Keyless Entry Universal Car Remote PRO Version - X32-MECJ

1997 - 2015 Keyless Entry Universal Car Remote PRO Version - X32-MECJ

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Do-it-yourself activation and pairing

You program your Universal Car Remote by following some very clearly written instructions on activating the remote for your vehicle's frequency and functions. Next, you pair the remote and vehicle so they'll work together. This handy remote works with over one thousand different car models, but you still need to identify your vehicle in order to make sure it'll be compatible. This tough, weather-resistant remote will provide you with reliable and easy-to-use access to your car's entry system.

Product Highlights:

1. Universal car remote
2. Works in over 1,000 different vehicles
3. 6-button remote
4. Main functions: lock, unlock, open trunk, panic
5. Two auxiliary channels for vehicles with remote functions like van door opening, convertible top lowering, and remote starting
6. Easy-to-understand activation and pairing instructions included
7. Ultra-low-power microprocessor and transmitter extends battery life
8. Integrated PCB trace antenna extends range
9. Water-resistant case with one-piece silicone button pad
10. FCC tested and approved
11. manufactured and assembled in the USA

View the complete manual and vehicle compatibility here

Additional Information

SKU 8001
FCC Number X32-MECJ
Support Your purchase gives you 100% free e-mail and phone technical support from our expert staff.
Product Condition Refurbished
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $49.95

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